Uploading Data to the Cluster


Getting Started: How can I upload data to Arken?

The first step when uploading data to Arken is to chose which Keyset your data fits into. A Keyset is an file manifest that tells the cluster what files it should keep track of and backup. These manifests are at their most basic, a shared directory of files that contain metadata (but not the actual data) of your files letting the nodes of their existence and how to find them. (Hence we call these manifests Keysets because they are a set of file keys.)

If you're a researcher with an important data set, author who wants to open source their book, or curator of an important collection, you're likely looking for the Core Keyset. The Core Keyset is the central manifest that we maintain at the Arken Project and is intended to help preserve valuable scientific and open source data otherwise at risk of being lost.

Keysets don't just have to be for serious stuff however, anyone can create their own Keyset and use it to backup and share family photos, song recordings, etc... between your own Arken nodes.

If you've got any questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

The Arken Import Tool

Installing & Using the Arken Import Tool:

Whether you're uploading data to the Core Keyset or to your own Keyset, you'll need a tool to do that. That tool is called AIT (or the Arken Import Tool). AIT is a command line tool and if you've ever heard of GIT it's got a very similar syntax. You can download AIT HERE for Linux and Mac, and the Windows version is coming soon.


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