Meet Arken, A Decentralized Digital Archive Built for the World's Scientific Data.

A bit of Backstory

Many researchers, museums, and archivists are struggling to host and protect a vast amount of important public data. On the other hand, there are many of us developers, tinkerers, and general computer enthusiasts who have extra storage space on our home servers.
Our goal with Arken is to build a long term storage solution to perserve open source & scientific knowledge.

What is Arken?

Arken is a management engine that runs on top of the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) protocol. Each instance of Arken calculates which important files are hosted by the fewest number of other nodes on the network and should thus be locally backed up to reduce the risk of data loss. Arken also knows how much space it's using on your system and will respect limits you set by locally deleting data that is backed up by more than 10% of the cluster.

Demo of Arken Running

Want to read more about Arken?

Check out the Project's Github Page.