Everybody needs a cluster orchestrator. You might not know it yet. But you do.

About Arken

Arken is a simple, fast cluster orchestrator.

Arken is completely agnostic. It runs anything, anywere.


If you are already on the Docker world, you know that the ecosystem is very young and dynamic. Things tends to become complicated quite fast because of those many different projects that also have many features in common. Arken will abstract this complexity by providing an opiniated way of running cluster of Docker images thanks to CoreOS, Fleet and GoGeta.


A common issue people face with Cloud infrastructure these days is scaling up AND down. Scaling up and down is not easy when you did not built your infrastructure with this in mind from the start. Arken uses GoGeta, a dynamic reverse proxy based on etcd, to turn your containers on and off depending on the load.


As things changes very quicly in this world, Arken has been made as agnostic as possible. It's goal it to run on anything. Bare Metal, Amazon, vagrant machines, you name it. And as it uses Docker containers, it can run absolutely anything. This makes Arken one of the most agnostic cluster orchestrator.

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Service Model

Via a simple descriptor package that defines docker image deployed as well as resources (S3 bucket, database instance, ...) and services required, the Arken cluster provisions the image and run it on one of the underlying CoreOS instances that are smartly synchronised and aware one of the others thanks to a communication based on Fleet and etcd.


Approach highly simple: build an image and it is deployable. Simpler than paas traditional build packs.


Much more agile than Virtual Machine based virtualization infrastucture, thanks to Docker containers that uses less resources.


Focused on resilience: Core OS restarts if it detects one is down.

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